Why sacrifice anything? At Carthage, it’s possible to keep playing the sport you love and get a first-rate education at the same time. About 30 percent of the students here compete in our championship-caliber NCAA Division III athletic program.

“I chose Carthage because the College allowed me to receive a personalized education while also allowing me to play tennis. The commitment from my coaches and professors has made my academic and athletic careers unforgettable.” — Matthew Krzewinski ’21

The Firebirds pile up victories in 28 varsity sports, including 13 women’s teams and a coed esports squad. Carthage student-athletes have shown it’s possible to balance athletic and academic commitments, even in time-intensive majors like nursing, athletic training, and neuroscience.

Newcomers quickly discover there’s nothing third-class about D-III competition. It takes our teams’ best to win in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin. We’re especially proud of that shiny trophy the Firebirds brought home as 2021 men’s volleyball national champions.

Coaches often organize out-of-state trips during breaks to boost team chemistry and tune up for the season. Carthage student-athletes go on to become some of our most loyal alumni: established professionals who are eager to mentor and even hire fellow graduates, knowing the dedication they bring.


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Ryan Kane “We’re a D-III program that provides student-athletes with a first-class experience that feels like D-I. Carthage has struck the right balance between competing at a championship level and setting the environment for learning.”

Ryan Kane, Director of Athletics